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Otok Krk

The location of the island of Krk in the far north of the Adriatic makes it the “first” island, or the closest island for all visitors who come from the continent and are eager for a Mediterranean atmosphere.

In the 80’s, the exceptionally good natural geographical position of the island of Krk was accompanied by a strategic architectural object: the Krk Bridge – the bridge that connects the island of Krk with the mainland. Rijeka Airport, located on the island of Krk, connects the island of Krk with European cities.

The island offers a number of completely hidden beautiful bays for swimming, but also offers well-kept and well-equipped city beaches. The island of Krk is a representative destination for learning about the national cultural history and heritage of Croatia.

Today, the island of Krk annually attracts over half a million visitors who spend over three million nights. In this type of accommodation, the pleasure is really complete: the sea view, a short walk to the sea, enjoying swimming and sunbathing, and then refreshments in the hotel restaurant.
The island of Krk is located in a zone of temperate and mild Mediterranean climate. The average summer air temperature is 26 ° C, the sea surface temperature in the period June-September is higher than 23 ° C. The most frequent winds are bora, jugo and maestral. The island of Krk is one of the sunniest parts of Europe with 2,500 hours of sunshine a year.
Environmental care is taken continuously and systematically. Confirmation are the numerous blue flags that fly the beaches of the island of Krk: in the town of Krk, Baška, Malinska, Nivice, Omišalj and in Marina Punat.

Excursions and active holidays

Krk Tour

A half-day trip that includes a visit to the islet of Košljun or the small historic town of Omišalj, a tour of…


In the area of Malinska there are more than 50 kilometers of hiking trails along which you can see sights…

Marine activities

Malinska also offers numerous activities related to the sea such as parachuting, jet skiing, pedal boating…

Boat trips

Boat trips provide unforgettable pleasures provided by the nature of the Adriatic coast and the Adriatic Sea.

Istra Tour

A full day trip to the picturesque interior of the Istrian peninsula.

Plitvice Lakes

Visit one of the most beautiful national parks, where nature has created 16 spectacular lakes…

Town of Malinska

Located in a wooded bay on the west side of the island of Krk, with about twenty other surrounding villages Malinska belongs to the area called Dubašnica. Dubašljan Bay is full of bays and coves and thanks to such a geographical position, this area is protected from cold winds, with low rainfall and about 260 sunny days a year. The climate is mild, Mediterranean.

Natural beauties, pleasant and mild climate are a significant feature of Malinska. It was these natural features that influenced the beginnings of tourism development. Thanks to the lush vegetation and microclimate, Malinska is known for its spa and bathing potential.

Clear sea and many attractive beaches allow you to enjoy the sea and the sun. For years, the international award, the Blue Flag, has been flying on the Rupa beach, in recognition of the quality and equipment of the beach.

During the year in Malinska you can enjoy numerous concerts of classical and traditional music, which are held not only in the atrium of the Franciscan monastery but also in other locations. In addition to the parish church of St. Apolinar in Bogovići, it is necessary to point out the church-gallery complex of St. Nikola in the center of Malinska. The complex is more recent, and in summer it is the center of art events.

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